What is an Epilator?​

One may ask what’s an epilator, and how do epilators work?

An epilator is a mechanical electrical device that is made up of a series of metal coils that rotate at high speed and is used to remove unwanted body hair.

These rotating coils are referred to as “tweezers,” since they basically pull the hair out like so many small tweezers.

We may call it a beauty gadget, this device is specially made to remove a large number of hairs at one time.

Epilators are used by many men and women for the purpose of quick and smooth removal of unwanted hairs. Epilation is one of the most effective hair removal methods in existence.

How Does Epilators Work?

Epilators are good alternatives to waxing, threading and especially shaving.

The way in which is an epilator works differently from a shaver is that instead of cutting hairs above the surface of the skin, they actually pull hairs out at the root.

It looks like a bunch of tweezers fused together. Seriously, it is composed of more or less, a hundred of tweezers which repetitively opens and closes.

They are capable of pulling out multiple hairs at once and work via tweezer action, not too diferently to how waxing works or indeed how individual manual plucking occurs.

It closes as it reaches the center of the skin in order to pull out the hairs. The rest of the tweezers remains open as it revolves while it’s still not touching the skin.

It works like a tweezer by literally plucking the hairs out from the very root, which it’s like shaving, waxing or using any method of hair removal.

It gets rid of the hairs all over the body and can even be used on women’s private parts. You have to be very carefully though, so as not to damage your skin.

Once you are ready, simply power and place the epilator at a spot from where the hair is to be removed. Slowly move it on the skin and let the device to its job.